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Apply NowThe Hope Fund helps employees who are facing a financial hardship due to an event beyond their control.  The situation must meet the fund guidelines and meet the definition of emergency or hardship resulting from an extended illness/injury, death, disaster, domestic violence or other special situation.  For the purposes of the Hope Fund, an emergency is defined as “an unexpected event or catastrophe that is non-recurring or an unavoidable situation of a serious and urgent nature”.

Begin your online application by clicking APPLY NOW above. Using a series of prompts, the online grant application form will guide you through the submission process in detail.

  • The first time you do this, you will  need to click the “New Applicant” link under the E-mail box.  When creating a new account, enter a valid email address and password.  The Hope Fund does not have access to view or reset your password.  If you forget your password, you will need to click the “Forgot Password” link on the main login page.  If you previously created an account for your application, you can return to the online application at any time and enter your email address and password.  At any point in the process, you can click “Save and Finish Later.”
  • Review and Submit your Online Application.  Once you are finished entering information and attaching documents, click “Review and Submit.”  You will have an opportunity to review your materials before submitting your application.  If any elements are missing, you will be prompted to complete the relevant section or attach the needed document before moving forward.
  • After clicking “Submit,” you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your application.  Please make sure you enter your email address accurately on your application.  If you do not receive an email confirmation, please email us at to ensure that we have received it.
  • Include all supporting documentation as attachments.  The online application will prompt you to attach accompanying documentation.  If you have any questions about the required documentation, please contact us prior to submitting your application.  You can also fax documentation to us at 866-337-4354.  Please be sure your name and 3-4 Employee ID is on the cover page.

Once you have submitted an application online, please do not mail a duplicate hard copy or any additional attachments or information.  Your Grant Leader will contact you if they have any questions or need additional information.

What Happens Next

  • You must complete the entire application based on your situation.
  • You must include required documentation that will help the Grant Leader and the Hope Fund staff better understand and verify your situation, excluding emergency food, clothing, and shelter in some large-scale disasters
  • Once you have submitted your application and documentation, the Grant Leader will review your application and make a recommendation to the Hope Fund staff at HCA Healthcare’s home office in Nashville.
  • Your application will be assigned a random case number to ensure confidentiality. Only your facility’s Grant Leader and the Hope Fund staff will know your identity. All identifying information will be removed from the application before your local committee reviews it.
  • The goal of the Hope Fund is to respond within two weeks after receiving your application, including all required documentation.  Your Grant Leader will let you know if your application is approved or denied.
  • If approved, the Hope Fund staff will typically provide assistance via direct deposit into your account or a check made out to you.  In some situations, a check may be issued directly to a creditor.
  • If your application is denied, you will receive a formal letter explaining the reason for the denial.