2020 Professional Jeans Day

Please check with your supervisor to verify that you can wear jeans on Fridays. This is a fundraiser for Corporate Colleagues. Remember, on jeans day all other dress code guidelines continue to apply.

All colleagues must enter their office location, as this is where your receipt and badge reel will be delivered. If your location is not listed, please fill in this information and include your building number, floor, and whether you are on the east or west side. If you have questions regarding Jeans Day passes, please contact Lyric Marinac at Lyric.Marinac@HCAHealthcare.com.

If you would like to purchase your 2020 Jeans Day pass via Check, please click here and send the completed form along with your check to Lyric Marinac in Building 3-1.

Available packages include:

5 Fridays for $25 / 10 Fridays for $50 / 20 Fridays for $100 OR the All-Access Pass for $150 (All Fridays in 2020, with supervisor approval)

14 thoughts on “2020 Professional Jeans Day

  1. I have been purchasing this Jeans Pass for several years. It is amazing what the HOPE fund can do and I am honored to be a part of such a fantastic charity. You never know when you may need a hand.

  2. The Hope Fund was such a big help to us after the 2010 Flood in Nashville! So grateful to my colleagues for their assistance! I’ll be regularly giving back to the Hope Fund in the years to come so that others can get a helping hand!

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