Welcome HCA Healthcare Summer Interns!

You can wear jeans on Fridays to support the Hope Fund!

We are so grateful for all of our colleagues and interns who support our HCA Healthcare family in need through Hope Fund Jeans Day! For a one-time gift of just $10, you can wear jeans every Friday of your summer internship while supporting our HCA Healthcare family impacted by unexpected hardships such as extended illness or injury, death, domestic violence, natural disasters and other special circumstances.

Interested in participating?

Please check with your supervisor to verify that you can wear jeans on Fridays. Remember when you wear jeans all other dress code guidelines continue to apply. Please wear your Jeans Day badge reel on Fridays when your wear your jeans to indicate you have purchased a pass. Provide your office location in the form below, as this is where your receipt and badge reel will be delivered. If your location is not listed, please fill in this information in the 'Other' box including your building number, floor and whether you are on the east or west side as applicable.

If you have questions regarding jeans passes, please contact Lyric Marinac at Lyric.Marinac@HCAHealthcare.com.

Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting our colleagues in crisis!