Hurricane Ida Relief Information

When a crisis hits, HCA Healthcare cares for our patients, our communities and our colleagues.  The HCA Healthcare Hope Fund is one source of support we show one another when our colleagues face unexpected hardships.

With the Hope Fund grants program we are able to consider assistance for those who have a demonstrated financial need related to:

  • Temporary housing, food, and clothing immediately following a disaster
  • Long term recovery needs including home and primary vehicle damage as a result of a disaster

Visit our Apply for Help page to learn more and submit an application to request assistance.

Disaster assistance

For more information about disaster assistance available to our colleagues, please download this flyer. This includes information related to the types of assistance the Hope Fund may be able to provide, as well as details on the process of submitting an application, providing documentation, and what to expect after you apply.

Extended power outage

Assistance in the event of a hardship due to power outage only (without displacement from or damage to primary residence) will be considered only if the application has been submitted on or before September 15th, 2021.

Contractor references

HCA Healthcare recognizes that access to construction help may be difficult in the wake of Hurricane Ida. With the assistance of the company's partners, HCA Healthcare may be able to provide you temporary emergency help until a permanent solution can be implemented.

Community demand for these resources is high.  The goal is to connect you with the appropriate trades as quickly as possible.  All services or work performed will be billed directly to the homeowner.  However, should colleagues have difficulty paying for repairs or collecting insurance, the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund may be able to provide financial assistance.

If you have needed repairs to your property and would like to connect with a sourced contractor complete this form and send it to the email addresses listed on the form.

Cash-in Paid Time Off Hours at 100% of Base Rate of Pay

HCA Healthcare-affiliated full-time and regular part-time employees whose primary residence is located within an eligible disaster area, and who have experienced a financial hardship as a result of the disaster, may now cash-in PTO at 100% of his or her base rate of pay to assist in recovering.

How to apply for Disaster-Related PTO Cash-In:

1.) Log on to

2.) Select “All Forms” form the dropdown menu

3.) Select “Disaster-Related PTO Cash-In Application”

4.) Complete Application, including the following:

  • Number of PTO cash-in hours requested
  • Address of Principal Residence
  • Applicable Disaster - "Hurricane Ida" for colleagues located in LA, "TN Storms/Flooding” for colleagues in TN or “CA Wild Fires” for colleagues in CA.
  • Mark applicable box to certify incurred expenses as a result of the disaster
  • E-sign and date application

5.) Email completed Application to HCAhrAnswers Customer Support Tier 2 at

6.) HCAhrAnswers Customer Support will send an email to confirm whether or not 100% PTO cash-in has been approved

7.) Once 100% PTO cash-in has been approved, request PTO cash-in

NEXT: Once 100% Disaster-related PTO cash-in application has been approved, colleagues must then submit the PTO cash-in eForm through HCAhrAnswers by following the steps below.

How to request a PTO cash-in:

1.) Log on to

2.) Select “All Forms” form the dropdown menu

3.) Select “PTO Cash-In eForm”

4.) Enter the number of hours you wish to be cashed-in and press “next”

5.) Complete the terms and conditions field and the employee signature (by typing your name exactly how it appears at the top of the page)

6.) Select “Submit”

Important Notes:

  • Cash-ins will not be fulfilled until the Disaster-Related PTO Cash-In Application is approved AND the colleague submits the regular cash-in eForm.
  • Payment for cashed-in PTO hours will be included on a colleague’s regularly scheduled paycheck within 2-3 pay cycles.
  • Per policy, colleagues normally must maintain a minimum PTO balance of 40 hours following a cash-in; however, colleagues requesting a cash-in due to a disaster are allowed to deplete their PTO bank to zero.

Cashed-in PTO hours are viewed as a bonus by the IRS and taxed at 25%.

Time Away From Work

HCA Healthcare extensions of medical due dates for all disability and leave claims are being granted for affected employees in areas that have issued a state of emergency (Louisiana).

  • For FMLA/ Leave of Absence: 5 business day extension of medical due dates
  • For Short-Term Disability: 30 calendar day extension of medical due dates


Through HCA Healthcare's EyeMed Cares program, Customer Care Center representatives are ready to provide the following services for participants impacted by Hurricane Ida via a dedicated emergency toll-free line (866) 652-0018:

  1. Temporary Adjustable Glasses: If immediate materials are needed, a call center representative can expedite shipping these adjustable glasses to participants — at no cost. These glasses enable individuals to adjust for different distances and switch focus for reading, computer and distance. For members displaced with no immediate address, we can work with them to determine a location where they can be picked up.
  2. Eligibility re-instatement: Participants who have exhausted their benefit, but need new glasses or contacts lenses due to the current disaster, can request an eligibility reset.
  3. Free shipping for contacts: is offering free, expedited shipping. Our agents can provide affected members with a discount code for use online.

Additional resources

FEMA is providing assistance to those impacted by Hurricane Irma. Visit for more information.

Call the HCA Healthcare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at 800-434-5100 for more information about helpful resources within your local community.

Have suggestions of organizations to add to this list? Please email us.