Supporting Documentation

As a 501c3 non-profit organization and not an HCA Healthcare employee benefit, the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund is required to secure supporting documentation for every grant made.  Please review supporting documentation to understand what is necessary for consideration of a grant from the Hope Fund.  The Hope Fund staff may ask for documentation, in addition to those listed below, to verify your event and need.

You may attach all supporting documentation to your online application. You can also send documentation to us via email at or by fax to 866-337-4354.  Please be sure your name and 3-4 Employee ID is on the cover page.


Illness or Injury

The Hope Fund can consider the financial needs related to an extended illness or injury for a colleague or their dependent spouse/children.


Natural Disaster

The Hope Fund can consider the financial needs related to a natural disaster that affects the employee’s primary residence.


Family Death Events

The Hope Fund can consider the financial needs due to an unexpected death of a dependent family member or travel assistance is needed due to death in the immediate family.


Domestic Violence

The Hope Fund can consider the financial needs when a colleague or dependent family member is experiencing a domestic violence event.


Other Special Situations

The Hope Fund considers assistance with unexpected, qualifying events, hindering the applicant from meeting their basic household needs.

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Car Repairs

Assistance for major car repairs can be considered when repairs are needed to the applicant’s sole source of transportation for a condition that is preventing the applicant from using the vehicle with no alternatives to travel to work.

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COVID-19 Event

Colleagues impacted by personal financial loss or impact due to Covid-19 may qualify for Hope Fund assistance.


Try visiting our FAQ page. You can also email us at or call 877-857-4673. If you reach our voicemail, please leave a message and someone from our office will return your call within 24 hours.