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From a grateful employee

I wanted to take a second to say thank you to the Hope Fund for approving a grant for me and my daughter. I am a single mom and have really struggled this last year to make ends meet. When I got this job with HCA about 6 months ago I was so excited and eager to quickly move up in the company. Everyone I have come in contact with within this company has been so supportive and seems to really care about me, my family, and my career.

This month my 1 year old daughter started becoming very ill, I was being called away from work several times a week to pick her up from daycare and either rush her to the doctor or an emergency room. After two weeks of this, her doctor decided to do a direct admit into the hospital. I had already missed so much work, but figured it would only be a day or two and I could find a way to make it work. However, on the second day of her hospital stay I was informed we would be there at least a week based on her labs and how poorly she was doing. I became instantly  sick with worry and wondered if I would lose my job and  how I would afford this. Although I wanted to focus on my daughter and getting her well all I could think about was how I was going to make up the missing pay.

My boss, came to visit us and told me about the Hope Fund, and also reassured me that my job would definitely be there waiting for me when she got released. I got several texts, calls, and emails from co-workers, my manager, my administrator members of our HR department, and even several people from different facilities that I had never met before asking about my daughter and showing support. Between the moral support I received from everyone in the company and the Hope Fund’s financial assistance, I feel truly blessed to work for such an amazing company as HCA. I now have the confidence and ability to focus on getting my daughter well, and I owe a large part of that to HCA and the amazing people that make up the company.

Thank you once again,

Devin and Kensley

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