2018 Hope Fund Week Winners

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Thank you for showing your support during the 2018 Hope Fund Week!   Here are the HCA Employee prize winners for each day:   Monday (Sept. 10th) Winner: GoPro & Accessories: Nina Cornelsen   Tuesday (Sept. 11th) Winner: FitBit Versa Smartwatch: Angela Quinonez‎   Wednesday (Sept. 12th) Winner: AirPods & an Echo Dot: Rachel Hobson‎   Thursday (Sept. 13th) […]

A Bright Spot of Hope During a Difficult Time

Julie Overton, an RN from Kansas, was fighting to keep things together for herself and her family while life seemed to be throwing her one curve ball after another. Since late 2016 Julie had been having severe migraine headaches, and over the next few months her symptoms got progressively worse to include confusion, difficulty with […]

Your support helps optimistic employee after heart surgeries

When Albert Gonzales had heart-catheterization surgery in of March 2016, he was hoping that this would be the end of the cardiac issues that began with a quadruple bypass in 2006. Instead, he found himself back in the hospital and unable to work just as his wife was laid off from her job. “Of all […]

When Desiree Was Backed Into a Corner, You Helped Provide a Way Out

If anyone knows what to expect after surgery, it’s a healthcare professional. So when Desiree Singleton needed an outpatient procedure in 2015, she figured she would be back at work pretty quickly.  But unexpected complications led to a much longer recovery period, and the HCA Hope Fund became a partner in her recovery. “I had complications […]

Donors Provided Hope in 2015

This past year, our own co-workers faced desperate times as they struggled through situations like  hearing the words “brain tumor” from their child’s physician, waking up in the middle of the night to a house on fire and escaping with nothing more than the clothes on their back, and even finding a safe house to live […]

Hope Fund Week Winners

  Thank you to everyone participating in our social media excitement, we are enjoying every picture posted to Facebook and Twitter! Check back here each day to see if you are one of our lucky Hope Fund Week winners!     Friday (Sept. 18th) Winners: Apple Watch: Jon Thurman, Orange Park Shared Services $50 Visa Gift Card: Teri […]

Hearing good news – Danielle Austin’s story

When Danielle Austin’s son, Abbott, was born in 2010, she and her family were overjoyed. When they discovered that he had bilateral, profound deafness, they looked at all the options and chose cochlear implants for him so that he would have the best chance for normal hearing. (He remains the youngest child in Florida ever […]