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HCA Hope Fund – From the Heart


As HCA employees, it is our top priority to take excellent care of our patients. But we also take care of each other. In 2004 this was more evident than ever as hundreds of our colleagues were affected by the Florida hurricanes. Immediately following the storms HCA employees throughout the United States wanted to know how they could help. Contributions came in and were disbursed out to HCA families that had been impacted. To these families, the contributions from their fellow employees represented much more than financial relief, they represented hope that life might soon return to normal.

Our colleagues are not just co-workers, they are our family and we have always rallied around one another when devastation strikes. So what started as a very informal way to help one another soon evolved to a formal non-profit organization, the HCA Hope Fund. Our fund is supported by employees allowing us to do what we do best, take care of others.

  • The HCA Hope Fund is an employee-run, employee-supported 501(c)3 charity formalized in July of 2005.
  • The HCA Hope Fund is a public charity.
  • The goal of the HCA Hope Fund is simple: to help HCA employees and their immediate families who are affected by financial hardship. This includes disaster, extended illness/injury, domestic violence, death of a loved one, and other special situations.
  • HCA employees, vendors, affiliated physicians, patients and the general public can make a tax-deductible donation to the fund.
  • Governed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of employees from across the country.
  • Not an employee benefit.
  • All requests are kept confidential

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