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Hope Fund donors help our HCA Healthcare family impacted by COVID-19

Aiden Carmona, an EHR Support Analyst and HCA Healthcare colleague of 12 years, didn’t know what to expect when COVID-19 caused businesses to close and so many changes to life as we know it. But it wasn’t long until the effects hit home. His husband, Jacob Davis, built a career in the hospitality industry as an events director for a major hotel chain. Due to the pandemic, Jacob was furloughed and overnight their household was reduced to a single income.

Jacob immediately tried to find alternate work. Opportunities were scarce and the few positions he found available were flooded with applicants. It took six months before he was able to secure a new position. “We were lucky enough to have some savings, but we didn’t plan for six months of no second income,” Aiden said. “It was tough to pay bills.”

The couple worried how they would be able to afford to keep their mortgage current. Aiden said, “Our finances were getting stretched thin. The first round of assistance and unemployment were expiring. It was a huge unknown.” Luckily, Aiden applied for assistance from the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund and it wasn’t long before he received much needed help to keep his family whole.

“It was a huge relief,” he said. “It’s nice to see that thousands of colleagues donate, and how that impacts our own when they really need it. It reminded us how blessed we are that I work for such a great company that comes together as a family.” Aiden and Jacob were so grateful to be able to catch up on bills and avoid a major financial crisis.

To his colleagues, Aiden shared this message: “You never know how quickly life can change. Paying it forward really does matter and helps real people. We’re much better off now, and we’re making contributions of our own to the Hope Fund. We know there are a lot more people that need help.”

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