Hope Fund steps in to help when a sinus infection turns into brain surgery – Lindsey White’s Story

Parthenon-125Kids get sick, so when Lindsey White’s son Jayland had a sinus infection, she took him to the doctor, got some antibiotics and thought everything was under control. But his headaches persisted, and so finally the family made a trip to the emergency room. A CAT scan threw them for a loop.

“It showed that there was a large mass almost covering his entire frontal lobe,” recalls Lindsey, a Clinical Appeals Analyst with Parallon Business Performance Group. “The infection had moved through his sinus cavities and found its way into his brain. He underwent a full craniotomy to remove the infection, as well as nasal surgery to remove his frontal sinuses.”

Needless to say, she was out of work for several weeks to deal with Jayland’s post-op care. He has had as many as three doctor’s appointments per week, and the piece of his skull surgeons removed is still being treated for infection. It will eventually be replaced; for now, he has titanium mesh in place. All this has meant a hit to family finances, but the HCA Hope Fund provided some desperately needed help.

“I was out for several weeks following his surgery,” Lindsey says. “My sister, who also works for HCA, advised me about the fund and encouraged me to apply. It was extremely fast, and that alone says a lot. It’s wonderful that HCA has this kind of program; it shows that the company really cares about its employees and will do anything possible to help them. I’ve never worked for a company that offers something like this, and it truly is wonderful.”

As for Jayland, he’s still resting up and getting ready for surgery to restore his missing piece of skull once it, his brain and his sinuses are deemed to be infection free. He’s also enjoying being home-schooled for the moment, his mother says.  “He’s doing really well, and having some fun,” Lindsey reports. “But I think he’s ready for it all to be over with as well.”

6 thoughts on “Hope Fund steps in to help when a sinus infection turns into brain surgery – Lindsey White’s Story

  1. Wow! Who would have ever thought a sinus infection could do something like that. I am so glad he doing much better. That is very scary. Lindsey, you are a very good Mother and did what you had to do with your job and the circumstances. I am very thankful the Hope fund is in place and could help you all.

    Tell Jayland we all wish him nothing but the best in his recovery and thank you for sharing your story.

  2. I fully support the Hope Fund , as it was there when i needed it. I think it is wonderful to work for a company that has such a thing to help employees. I have worked at a much bigger company and nothing in place for these circumstances.

  3. Having read the two stories attached to today’s Hope FUnd e-mail I am proud to be even a small donor to theis amazing program. HCA is really a standard above any other company I have worked for. Thank You HOPE fund for your great work!

  4. I am so happy that Jayland is doing well and Lindsey was able to be at home to take care of her son. That means a lot and says a lot about HCA. I feel very privileged to work for such a great company that really cares about their employees and their families. I am grateful for my small part in being able to donate to the HOPE fund and help people in need.

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