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Jerry arrived at work and was rushed to the ER – learn how our colleagues helped!

Jerry, a veteran and nurse with HCA Houston Medical Center for five years, began to experience persistent nausea and abdominal pain. He learned his white blood cell counts were highly elevated, and over a few weeks, he tried multiple courses of oral antibiotics without much improvement.

He said, “I showed up to work one day, and everyone told me I looked terrible and that I should go into the ER – I was septic and admitted for IV antibiotic therapy.”

All of the time away from work, coupled with the cost of his care, presented a financial hardship. He said the most challenging part was “Not working, and thinking ‘where am I going to get the money to pay the bills?’” Receiving assistance from his colleagues through the Hope Fund changed everything. He said, “It was a big relief. I didn’t have that extra stress.” Jerry’s message to his colleagues who donate to make the Hope Fund possible is, “Thank you. You are so kind.”

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