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Jonathan, an HCA Healthcare nurse, underwent open heart surgery. His colleagues gave support through the Hope Fund.

At only 39 years old, most people don’t expect to have major health issues. But as an experienced nurse, Jonathan Sprinkle knew something was wrong. “I had been experiencing pain for some years, but I had a hard time getting a diagnosis since I was only 39 years old,” he said. “One day I was headed to work and had some cardiac symptoms I understood to be serious, and I had to call in to work and go get help.”

Jonathan underwent open heart surgery and spent 10 days in the hospital. It took a while before he was able to return to work. With a blended family including eight children at home, the time away from work coupled with medical costs became a problem financially. He applied for assistance from the Hope Fund, and before long he learned his family would be getting help. “It alleviated a lot of our concerns, and helped me pay bills,” he said. “It helped me take care of my family to make sure we could pay rent.”

He recovered from his surgery and now Jonathan is back to work and feeling much better. He tells his colleagues about the Hope Fund and what a difference it made for his family. “I think the Hope Fund is the best thing that HCA Healthcare does. I have been part of other organizations, and they never offered anything like it. Honestly, how my colleagues really took care of me and my family during the whole process is very overwhelming and I feel happy to be part of this organization.”

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