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Our colleagues helped Angie during her fight with cancer

Angie Hernandez has worked for HCA Healthcare in Houston for many years, starting as a housekeeper and becoming a Patient Safety Attendant. She began experiencing strange symptoms, including unexplained pain, and decided to get checked out. She learned she had uterine cancer.

As frightening as this diagnosis was, she was also deeply concerned about her finances. She said, “I had to take two months off, and I didn’t have short-term disability, so I wasn’t getting paid. I used all my PTO. The stress over paying my rent was unbelievable.”

Angie’s colleagues encouraged her to apply for help from the Hope Fund. When she learned she was approved for assistance, she experienced a huge wave of relief. “I was able to pay my rent and relax,” she said. “I was able to heal.”

She is so thankful for the help she received from her colleagues through the Hope Fund. She hopes every colleague who can contribute does. “Help came at the perfect time when I really needed it,” she said. “I am so grateful.”

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