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Our HCA Healthcare family helped when Nick’s 14-month-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer


Nick Mitchell works as a Tech Analyst in Utah and has been with HCA Healthcare for three years. His wife Whitney is a nurse, and they have two young daughters Alyssa and Hailey. When his youngest, Hailey, was just fourteen months old, she developed odd bruising around her eyes. The doctor ran some tests and determined that Hailey had stage 4 cancer.

It was in her bones, bone marrow and liver and they also found tumors in her brain. She needed chemotherapy and blood transfusions to start with. Whitney had to quit her job to focus on Hailey’s care and Nick said “losing her income was a huge blow to our financial stability.”

As time passed, their financial circumstances grew more and more challenging. One day, Nick’s colleague told him about the Hope Fund and he decided to apply for help. His family received assistance during a very difficult time. “It helped lighten the burden,” Nick said “which was a huge relief.”

Hailey’s battle with cancer continues to this day, and the Mitchell family remains very grateful for the assistance they received from Nick’s colleagues through the Hope Fund. “The people I work with are very kind and willing to help,” he said. “They want to do what they can for you.”

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