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The Hope Fund – Caring for HCA Employees, so they can care for our Patients

The Hope Fund responds to HCA employees in need, so they can care for our patients. Our donors provide help in many situations including employees battling cancer, those affected by massive flooding or even after an unexpected death in the family to alleviate financial burdens and allow HCA employees to put patients first. #HCAHasHeart #HospitalWeek  #HCAHopeFund

“Saying ‘thank you’ cannot express the gratitude and the relief you have provided.  I have been battling breast cancer and because of a recurrence, I had to take short term disability for 8 weeks.  Co-pays to the doctor as well for the medicines begins to add up very quickly.  So, thank you for helping to ease our financial burden as well as easing our stress level and for helping us to pay our bills.” – A Grateful Recipient

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