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When an illness turned into 3 months out of work, Rebecca got help from her colleagues

Rebecca Boyd is an RN lactation consultant at Mission Hospital in North Carolina. She and her husband Randy had just returned from a trip to Colorado to see their grandchildren when they were both diagnosed with COVID. Rebecca got really sick. “I got what they call long-haulers,” she said. With hardly any PTO left following their trip, she was not prepared for what followed – three and a half months out of work.

Randy is disabled and unable to work. Rebecca said, “I’m our sole income and I couldn’t pay our mortgage, our heat, water, credit card bills, anything.” Rebecca was wracked with stress about how she and her husband would stay afloat financially. Then, she remembered the Hope Fund and decided to apply for help. Before long, she learned her family would be receiving assistance.

“That moment I called my husband and said ‘It’s going to be ok.’ I wasn’t going to lose my home. The stress it relieved was huge.” Rebecca said. She is so grateful for her colleagues who give to the Hope Fund to help one another. She said, “Please consider donating, and know if you need help, the Hope Fund is there.”

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