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Winners Announced!


Thank you to all of our Connect to the HCA Hope Fund participants! We are so excited to have a new way to connect with you and share stories of hope. From time to time we will send you short messages displaying how together, we are making a difference in the lives of our colleagues all across the company. And your chance to win is not gone, stay tuned for another prize drawing coming later this year!

Congratulations to our contest winners:

Apple Watch Teresa McMeans
Surface Pro 3 Linda Brandstetter
Fit Bit Surge Terri Graves
$500 Apple Shopping Spree Glenda Smith
iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note Sandy Lengel
iPad Air Nancy Stiverson
Beats Studio Wireless Headphones Kristin Ballard-Kietzerow
$100 Gift Card Susan Weeks
$100 Gift Card Whitney Darnell
$100 Gift Card Karen Zook
$100 Gift Card Paige Brown
$100 Gift Card Vickie Claxton
$100 Gift Card Jessica Tompkins
$100 Gift Card Bradley Full
$100 Gift Card Nancy Bass
$100 Gift Card Jen Wilkens
$100 Gift Card Barbara  Swazey-Morse
$100 Gift Card Kathleen Canty
$100 Gift Card Stacey  Lewis
$100 Gift Card Melissa Smith
$100 Gift Card Blakeley Chauvin
$100 Gift Card Emily Ensor
$100 Gift Card Jonathan Murphy
$100 Gift Card Eric Stephens
$100 Gift Card Kim Brazier
$100 Gift Card Roberta Corbell
$100 Gift Card Carrie Allen
*Winners received an email informing them they won. Please keep in mind we have multiple employees with similar names. Feel free to reach out to us at hopefund@hcahealthcare.com if you are unsure if you won a prize.

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