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Brittney Murray – The Hope Fund is a beacon of hope and provision

Brittney MurrayWords cannot adequately express how grateful we are to the HCA Hope Fund for being a beacon of hope and provision during the more challenging times of life,” says Brittney Murray, registered nurse at Capital Regional Medical Center.  With the impending arrival of her  first child, the last worry her family wanted to have were financial burdens.   However, at the beginning of Brittney’s pregnancy she began experiencing significant abdominal pain and learned that her intestines had herniated through mesh placed in 2001.  In her second trimester, Brittney began experiencing palpitations, chest pain, and dizziness during work and after wearing a holter monitor for several weeks learned that she had an elevated heart rate with light to moderate activity.  Brittney was determined to continue working the duration of her pregnancy, but the physician determined she was high risk and in order to avoid further injury and pre-term labor was placed on bed rest.   Brittney entered into an early leave of absence and would have a subsequent hernia repair after delivery which only increased time off work and loss of pay.  “Being in a work field that challenges you to selflessly give so much of yourself, it is great to have programs like these that are designed to help us, especially when we end up on the other side of the hospital bed.  With my labor unexpectedly resulting in emergency cesarean section and my hernia repair still pending, I am happy to be recovering well with a beautiful son.  Thanks to this Fund, financial worries are further from my mind!  I can’t wait to pay it forward and donate to such an amazing and inspiring cause.  Thank you so much!!”

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