When Life Changes in the Blink of an Eye

Dec. 14, 2015, started as any other day in the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center’s emergency department. Eric Heaton, a paramedic, was at a desk in the department’s lobby where patients are checked in when he heard a noise, a scream … and then “the next thing I know, I’m riding on the front of […]

Day and night duty

Every parent worries that his or her child could become suddenly, seriously ill. That nightmare came true for Dianna LeBron when her 13-year-old son Felix went to the emergency room and would up having emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction.  “He had his bowel resected, but then he began having problems a few days after and […]

The Westside Story of Hope

For Barb Simmons, the CEO at Westside Regional Medical Center in Plantation, Florida, hearing from employees is important, and so is helping them. This past year, Barb encouraged the employees at Westside to complete the Employee Engagement Survey by committing to give a gift of $2 to the HCA Hope Fund for every employee that […]

Absolute Perfect Timing

Douglas & April Lovaas, Clinicians at West Palm Hospital in Florida experienced unexpected illnesses at the same time.  Losing one income because of an illness is hard enough but losing both incomes makes a bad situation even worse.  Thankfully, because of so many coworkers across the company, the Lovaas family was able to turn to […]

Hearing good news – Danielle Austin’s story

When Danielle Austin’s son, Abbott, was born in 2010, she and her family were overjoyed. When they discovered that he had bilateral, profound deafness, they looked at all the options and chose cochlear implants for him so that he would have the best chance for normal hearing. (He remains the youngest child in Florida ever […]

Brittney Murray – The Hope Fund is a beacon of hope and provision

“Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are to the HCA Hope Fund for being a beacon of hope and provision during the more challenging times of life,” says Brittney Murray, registered nurse at Capital Regional Medical Center.  With the impending arrival of her  first child, the last worry her family wanted to have were financial burdens.   However, […]

Denise Tansey – Solid foundation

Adopting an “it could have been worse” mindset helped Denise Tansey get through the immediate aftermath of a home fire. In the weeks and months of repair and reconstruction that followed, however, the support of friends, family and the Hope Fund helped her a great deal as well. The fire was most likely caused by […]

Grant Leader Spotlight – Robi West

Robi West is the HR Coordinator at Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford, Florida where she has worked for twenty-six years. Robi is enthusiastic in his role with the Hope Fund and says he enjoys being able to help fellow colleagues who experience a sudden hardship beyond their control – it is a great feeling to help […]