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Brittany is grateful for help from her colleagues when her home flooded

Brittany Schmidt is a Nurse Manager who has worked with HCA for about seven years. She was familiar with the Hope Fund from seeing stories in her email, and she knew someone who had received assistance, but she never imagined needing assistance herself until one day she found herself in a very difficult situation.

Imagine coming home on a normal day like any other and opening the front door to find your house flooded with water. This is exactly what happened to Brittany, and the complications kept coming. “Because we didn’t know where the leak was, we had to pull up the floor, the baseboards,” she said,  “Finally it turned out it was a pipe that had cracked underneath the foundation, so then we had to drill into the foundation.”

Brittany said the most challenging part was trying to balance work and fixing things at home – including drying out everything from her 4-year-old daughter Sophia’s room. Her insurance company would cover the damage, but only after a large deductible was paid. Help from the Hope Fund assisted Brittany with the deductible. “I was able to actually start putting my house back together,” she said. “It was this huge problem out of nowhere, I was in a panic, with no clue how to come up with the money. The help from the Hope Fund made a big difference.”

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