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Hope Fund Donors Helped Michelle During a Difficult Time


When going to the doctor for a routine check-up, many of us never expect a significant health issue to come to light – especially without noticing any symptoms. This is what happened to Michelle Sanders, a Patient Account Services colleague in Texas. She was surprised to learn something was found and that she needed an ultrasound. Two days later, she received the news that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“It was so unexpected and so fast,” she said, “both my parents had passed away due to cancer just a few short years ago. I called my manager, Korona, to tell her, and I was in tears. She was an amazing support.”

Michelle told her nineteen year old son, Cole, and she is proud he took the news as well as could be expected. She started an aggressive treatment program. Michelle diligently kept up a savings fund, but it didn’t take long before the cost of her care depleted her reserves. She says, “I was trying so hard just to get by. I was doing radiation and travelling an hour to get to my appointments, which was costing me a lot in gas. After a while, even things like groceries presented a financial burden for me.”

Her manager, Korona (pictured above), encouraged her to reach out for help from the Hope Fund. Michelle says, “I had all these bills, and I just didn’t know where the money was going to come from. The day my Hope Fund gift came through, I was in tears. I pulled up my checking account online, and there was the money. It was there by the grace of God. I was able to pay doctor’s bills, I was able to buy groceries, and I had gas to get to my doctor and treatment appointments.”

To Hope Fund donors she says, “I’m so grateful to receive help, and so glad others can too. It is my wish everyone could give, even just a dollar or five dollars per check – every little bit helps, and you never know who might need it.”

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