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It Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time

ThankYouNote June 2015I received an incredible gift from the Hope Fund and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My son is chronically ill, being hospitalized every 3-4 weeks due to pulmonary issues from a birth defect. It has been an emotionally draining 2 years trying to cope with a baby/toddler who is very sick and trying to keep job security for my husband and I who each hold a full-time job. While our employers have been unbelievably understanding, we aren’t being paid for our time off most times since our PTO is already used up month to month.

The financial struggles are very difficult as some specialists won’t see you if they know you haven’t paid at least some on your previous medical expenses. The monetary gift we received was exactly what we needed to continue his medical care without stressing about it. I’m so disappointed that it has taken me months to write this letter because I definitely want you to know how greatly it was appreciated. But many small things have gotten pushed aside as we are still trying to get Alex’s illness under control with hopefully less hospital visits. This program is a lifesaver and it has greatly blessed us with that financial help. Thanks again for caring! ~A Grateful Hope Fund Recipient

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