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Our colleagues helped Ebonee during an extended illness

Ebonee, an endoscopy technician in Colorado, was diagnosed with lupus when she was a college senior. She has lived with this autoimmune disease for years but recently experienced several severe flare-ups, inducing chest pains and breathing problems, which required weeks-long hospitalizations. Without being able to work for weeks at a time, Ebonee fell behind on her bills and became worried. “I was thinking, ‘How will I ever get out of this?'” she said.

Ebonee’s supervisor suggested asking for help from the Hope Fund. The assistance provided helped put her on the road to recovery.

“The Hope Fund helped take the burden off my back. It gave me hope to be able to get better,” Ebonee said.

“It is such a relief knowing my health is improving and I am physically feeling better overall. I’m so grateful for the ability to heal.”

“The Hope Fund is something every HCA Healthcare colleague should know about,” Ebonee said. “I want people to know there are good people out there who care, whether they know you or not. They are willing to give a helping hand.” Thanks to colleagues like you who have donated so generously, the Hope Fund made a big difference in Ebonee’s life. “I will forever be grateful,” she said. “It truly means so much.”

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