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RN Marisela Found Hope From Her Compassionate Colleagues


marisela family

As a RN, Marisela has helped nurse hundreds of patients back to health – but after a terrible car crash left her injured, she went from being the caretaker to the one needing care. She found strength and the support her family needed from her HCA Healthcare family when she turned to the Hope Fund for help.

Marisela says “the impact was on my side of the car, the passenger side. At first, I didn’t think I was hurt that badly, but when I tried to get out of the car I realized something was really wrong.” Her right femur was severely fractured, and Marisela was rushed to the nearest hospital which happened to also be her place of work: St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center. She said it was strange to enter the same facility where she works as a patient in need of emergency care, “but my colleagues were so supportive and ready to help.”

She underwent surgery for her injuries, and was told it would be two months before she could put weight on her leg. On top of that, her injury caused blood clots which travelled to her lungs.  Despite intense rehabilitation to regain stability on her right leg, doctors told her she would be unable to work for a total of six months. With three children at home depending on her, Marisela said “I was so devastated. How was I going to support my children?”

As she devoted her energy to her physical rehabilitation, she worried about the financial turmoil the car accident caused, and the expenses that were piling up – rent, utilities, and groceries. One of the many days Marisela spent as a patient at the hospital, she passed a Hope Fund poster in the hallway. She said “I applied and just waited and prayed that I would be blessed, no matter in what form or fashion. When I received the phone call from my HR leader, and was told that I would be receiving assistance, I cried so hard. I cried out of happiness, joy, and knowing that there are so many people that believe in donating.”

Thanks to the excellent care Marisela received, and the assistance from her colleagues through the HCA Hope Fund, things are looking much brighter now. To Hope Fund donors, she said “Truly from the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you for showing so much kindness and generosity. I will never forget about the HCA Hope Fund. When I’m well and able to return to work, I will become a loyal donor because this fund helped me at the lowest point in my life. Thank you so much!”

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