Nurses are at the heart of HCA and make miracles happy every day!

Nurses are at the heart of HCA and make miracles happy every day! Nurses also know how to care for patients before, during and after hospitalizations, but when a critical member of our care team is hit by an event beyond their control – the Hope Fund is able to step in.  1 in 4 […]

Mother can focus on family thanks to Hope Fund support

When emergency-room nurse Melissa Hirn went into preterm labor during a shift, she knew what to do, and that help was nearby. How she’d keep her growing family supported during a necessary hospitalization wasn’t so clear. “I began having contractions on the way in from the parking lot, so I went upstairs to get checked […]

Absolute Perfect Timing

Douglas & April Lovaas, Clinicians at West Palm Hospital in Florida experienced unexpected illnesses at the same time.  Losing one income because of an illness is hard enough but losing both incomes makes a bad situation even worse.  Thankfully, because of so many coworkers across the company, the Lovaas family was able to turn to […]

Hope from the ashes – Troilyn McKenzie’s story

When everything you own literally goes up in flames, what do you do first? That’s a question most people never have to answer, but in the early morning hours of May 18, 2015, Troilyn McKenzie, her husband and their three children found themselves making that decision. “A piece of my husband’s computer equipment sparked from […]

Lora Gregory – Family trip ends with a long-term illness

When Lora Gregory went to Washington, D.C., in June 2014 for vacation, she had a great time. When she got home, however, her plans to get back to work were derailed. “Just after we got back on the train, I had terrible pain in my leg and went to the ER,” Lora recalls. “I had […]