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Campaign Champion – Marissa O’Brien

O'Brien Marissa Professional Photo Web October 2014The Hope Fund wanted to do a special spotlight for one of our campaign champions at West Valley Medical Center, Marissa O’Brien. When we reached out to Marissa to get permission to feature her on our site she quickly redirected the recognition towards the whole HR department as she said they are all extremely involved in the campaign. At West Valley Medical Center we can see how employees have really embraced the Hope Fund and helping our colleagues across the company by giving to the fund. In fact, for the last two years with Senta Cornelius, V.P. of Human Resources serving as the Campaign Leader, West Valley Medical Center has had the highest number of employees contributing to the Hope Fund within their category. Congratulations West Valley!

Marissa’s family is getting ready to embark on a new adventure and move to another state and we didn’t want that to happen without having an opportunity to say Thank You Marissa, for all you have done to spread the word about the Hope Fund at West Valley! We also roped Marissa into answering a few questions for us to hear what she has to say about the Hope Fund and tell us a little about herself.


What do you enjoy most about your role with the Hope Fund?

I love being able help employees in crisis with assistance through the Hope Fund.  I also enjoy our annual Hope Fund drive during Hospital Week.  Different departments in the hospital create fabulous gift baskets, which we use as prizes.


If you could tell employees why they should become involved with the Hope Fund, what would you say?

The Hope Fund helps your fellow co-workers in need and could help you one day should you find yourself in a crisis.  It’s a good cause and it helps people you know.


What does the Hope Fund mean to employees at your facility?

Our employees love giving to the Hope Fund and we have several employees every year who benefit from Hope Fund grants.  Our employees who have received Hope Fund grants are extremely grateful.


What is your favorite movie?  Romantic Comedy

What was the most interesting or exciting vacation you’ve been on?  I have been on 7 service trips to Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico

Do you have any hobbies?  I enjoy making photobooks and photo gifts on Shutterfly.  My family loves to travel, especially to Disneyland and Disney World.

If you could choose one amenity to your workplace what would it be?  Free Chai Tea Lattes


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