In for the long haul – Jennifer Schade’s Story

When Joshua Schade took a job closer to home, it was good news to wife Jennifer and their five sons. He’d be on the road less, and even though the freight he was hauling was dangerous, he wasn’t too worried.

TJP_7889-Edit“He hauled sulphuric acid, which is pretty nasty stuff, but he wore full protective gear when he had to unload it with a pressurized hose,” says Jennifer, a Medical Office Specialist at Northern Utah Cardiovascular. “But there was an explosion, and the acid melted right through the clothing.  He was covered head to toe.”

Joshua suffered third-degree burns over 70 percent of his body, and has been hospitalized since March 3, the day of the accident. His condition was touch and go for several weeks, including six weeks in a coma. He has undergone 14 surgeries to date, as skin grafts and other procedures are performed, literally inch by inch, to re-cover his body.

“The process is really long, because he’d do well with physical therapy in between the surgeries, and then another operation would slow him down again,” Jennifer says. “He’s now tube free, and making great progress. The doctors are thinking that soon he can go to rehab, so that he can continue to re-learn how to walk, and feed himself. He has to really start over with everything. It’s been a long road, but he’s a fighter.”

The Schades had just built a new home in August 2014, and so they had few savings to fall back on when Joshua’s accident happened. Jennifer was able to take time off through the Family Medical Leave Act, but the bills quickly began to pile up. She wasn’t familiar with the Hope Fund, but when she heard about it she was eager to learn more.

“With neither of us working, what money we had set aside went really fast,” she says. “I spoke with someone in our office who told me about the Hope Fund. I was still in shock, because it was soon after the accident and I didn’t know if he was going to live or die, and I was trying to keep things together for our five boys. I had trouble getting on the website from the hospital, but I eventually just called the number.”

That call made a world of difference, Jennifer says.

“The person I spoke with was so kind,” she recalls. “Someone from out here had been in touch with them and said I would be calling, so she was ready to answer my questions. It really was something: I was only calling to see if I would qualify, and here I’ve got this nice woman telling me that people there had been praying for me.”

“When I saw that deposit, I just broke down,” Jennifer says. “Right before his accident, Joshua had been saying that we needed to get our savings built back up. Without this help, we would have lost our house. Things are still scary, but I’ve been able to focus on caring for my boys and my husband. The Hope Fund has been an absolute blessing to our family.”

12 thoughts on “In for the long haul – Jennifer Schade’s Story

  1. Your situatiuon brought tears. I’m so proud to work for a company who still cares about their employees like HCA does and proud to donate to the Hope Fund. God Bless you all!

  2. I too am very proud to work for a company that can help when something as this happens. Bless you and your family Jennifer and continued progress and healing for your husband.

  3. I personally want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! The monetary donations and prayers have been a huge blessing. I never imagined going through this ordeal. Sometimes I sit back and think, “holy cow! We’ve been through hell!” But with each hardship comes a blessing. Thank you to all of you that have been a part of that blessing! Also in case any of you are wondering what our current situation is… Josh is now out of the Burn ICU! He’s not home yet unfortunately. He is in rehab. He’s almost 7 months into this. He’s had 18 surgeries, he’s scheduled for 2 more grafts on his head in Oct. It’s a long miserable process. He’s taking two steps forward and 1 step back. But the great news is that he overall is improving each day! In the beginning I begged God to spare my husband (I realize now that was selfish but I was too stressed and shocked to think otherwise). Now he’s walking fairly good with a walker and doing everything he possibly can to come home! It’s amazing what can happen to one nearly dead with the help of God and good people’s strength and prayers! I am so blessed and grateful to be apart of HCA! Seriously, I love you guys! Thank you thank thank you!! Have a blessed day!
    Love Jen!

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