When Life Changes in the Blink of an Eye

Dec. 14, 2015, started as any other day in the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center’s emergency department. Eric Heaton, a paramedic, was at a desk in the department’s lobby where patients are checked in when he heard a noise, a scream … and then “the next thing I know, I’m riding on the front of […]

In for the long haul – Jennifer Schade’s Story

When Joshua Schade took a job closer to home, it was good news to wife Jennifer and their five sons. He’d be on the road less, and even though the freight he was hauling was dangerous, he wasn’t too worried. “He hauled sulphuric acid, which is pretty nasty stuff, but he wore full protective gear […]

Danny Rincon – After major accident, Hope Fund helps nurse get back on his feet

It was a beautiful October day, and Danny Rincon was out riding with his motorcycle club. As they rolled through the High Desert on their way back to Westlake Village, just northwest of Los Angeles, everything changed in an instant. “There were seven bikes, and I was second to last,” Danny recalls. “A guy came […]

Christen Isabell – Assistance arrives just in time

Christen Isabell really enjoys watching her children play sports, but in April 2013 she experienced a parent’s worst nightmare from the sidelines. “My son, Brennan, was playing baseball for his high school and collided with another player,” recalls Christen, a Parallon Clerical Specialist for Physician Services in Mt. Pleasant, TN. “His cleat was stuck in […]

Stephanie Sheldon – Surviving a Tragedy

  On May 4, 2010, I was in a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life.  The bike went through a fence and hit a tree.  I was wearing full protective gear.  I remember thinking, “wow it’s dark and there are no sounds.  This is what it’s like when you die.”  I woke up three […]