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“We never know when it’s our time in need.”

I feel that the Hope Fund is an  awesome fund that every Employer should have and offer to their employees. We never know when it’s  our time in need.

When you speak of 100% of every dollar that  give families like myself, that Help is on the way, that’s  a great feeling to know someone is in your corner and knows what  you’re going through.

My daughter was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure and a granddaughter at the same time diagnosed with Sickle  Cell Disease…what a hard hit… and the financial crisis that comes upon you and your family.  Starting a new job at HCA  with no available PTO and pay to take care of my loved ones. But, the Blessing  came when another employee said I know what you’re going through call the Hope Fund.   

I did not knowing if at all-  I would be considered since I was new to the company.  I applied and with careful review the Hope Fund was able to help me.   For this I say Thank You!…Thank You! And Thank you again !

Pat Williams

Parallon Business Performance Group

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