Natasha Wilson – “People I don’t even know were there to help me.”

Natasha Wilson kicked 2014 off with a bang, welcoming a new daughter in March. Unfortunately, the latter half of the year was not so joyful. Her 8-year-old daughter, Aniah, required open-heart surgery in October. Because she’d used up her vacation days and other time off during maternity leave, Natasha quickly found herself dealing with a […]

Campaign Champion – Marissa O’Brien

The Hope Fund wanted to do a special spotlight for one of our campaign champions at West Valley Medical Center, Marissa O’Brien. When we reached out to Marissa to get permission to feature her on our site she quickly redirected the recognition towards the whole HR department as she said they are all extremely involved in […]

Denise Tansey – Solid foundation

Adopting an “it could have been worse” mindset helped Denise Tansey get through the immediate aftermath of a home fire. In the weeks and months of repair and reconstruction that followed, however, the support of friends, family and the Hope Fund helped her a great deal as well. The fire was most likely caused by […]