Janet Finds Help When Things Were Almost Too Much To Bear

Janet Shields

After 22 years caring for patients, Janet Shields found herself in need of care. In early 2018, the Memorial Hospital Jacksonville ER clerk was diagnosed with breast cancer. The week she had her lumpectomy, she suffered a detached retina. While surgery was scary enough, having a second problem on top of that — and one…

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Nessa Lomax Found Help After Losing Everything

When she was taking stock of her situation in a Houston-area emergency shelter, Nessa Lomax was both grateful — and afraid. Grateful because her family and pet made it out safely when the waters of Hurricane Harvey rose to and through their home, and afraid because they only got away with a few backpacks’ worth…

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Hope Fund Helps a Family Keep Going

In a matter of seconds, Jose “Rusty” Ouano, a medical technician at Centennial Medical Plaza in Centennial, Colorado, went from joyfully singing during a church service to getting so weak he nearly passed out. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital where doctors worked to find what was wrong. “It was scary for my wife.…

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A Bright Spot of Hope During a Difficult Time

Julie Overton

Julie Overton, an RN from Kansas, was fighting to keep things together for herself and her family while life seemed to be throwing her one curve ball after another. Since late 2016 Julie had been having severe migraine headaches, and over the next few months her symptoms got progressively worse to include confusion, difficulty with…

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From Caregiver to the One Needing Care, Without Warning

James Keith

Working with patients who are recovering from a stroke or other major medical issue is how James Keith spends his days. But when he became the patient, he was not prepared for how much and how quickly his world would change. “I had an acute stroke and wasn’t aware what had happened right away,” recalls James, a…

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Hope Fund Helps Mother of Three Focus on Getting Better

belinda brown

On Christmas Eve 2015, Belinda Brown, Medical Staff Coordinator at Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana, was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. At first she didn’t know how to react. “I was more in shock than anything else,” she says. “I lived a healthy lifestyle; I’d rarely been hospitalized before. I just couldn’t…

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