Stories of Hope

Sandy Meyer – A cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis, unfortunately, is nothing new to Sandy Carlson. She has a rare form, thymoma cancer,…

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Christen Isabell – Assistance arrives just in time

Christen Isabell really enjoys watching her children play sports, but in April 2013 she experienced a parent’s…

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Tom Quinn – Right place, right time

When Tom Quinn went to work for LewisGale Medical Center, he was excited about all aspects of…

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Emily Boyce – Coping with unexpected medical needs

Over her five-year career with HCA, Emily Boyce had heard of the Hope Fund, but had never…

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Stephanie Sheldon – Surviving a Tragedy

  On May 4, 2010, I was in a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life.  The…

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Cecelia Sonnenberg – One Brave Girl

Cecelia Sonneberg knows that she’s sick.  Some days she can barely eat or move.  But this spirited…

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