Fabiana McCranie – Time to heal

 “When life happens, you don’t have time to think; you just have to do.” When her father was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer that had already metastasized to the liver and brain  during the summer of 2014, that’s where Fabiana McCranie found herself. An only child, she was thrust into  the role of caregiver […]

Danny Rincon – After major accident, Hope Fund helps nurse get back on his feet

It was a beautiful October day, and Danny Rincon was out riding with his motorcycle club. As they rolled through the High Desert on their way back to Westlake Village, just northwest of Los Angeles, everything changed in an instant. “There were seven bikes, and I was second to last,” Danny recalls. “A guy came […]

Anita Butruce – Hope Fund eases employee’s mind during recurring health problems

After Anita Butruce spent nine days in the hospital battling a spinal infection, she hoped that the worst was past. Instead, she found herself dealing with some ongoing complications, including a blood clot, multiple MRIs and surgery. All told, she spent several months in and out of her doctor’s offices, when she would much rather […]

Sussana Howard – We Lost Everything

“This is My Story” We lost everything in a fire.  The only things salvageable were a bed, the pajamas we were wearing and Gabriel’s crib. With money from the Hope Fund, we were able to make a deposit on a new apartment. Maybe you can’t give a lot. Just give what you can – because […]

Kim Durham – Cancer treatments took a toll on the family income

Kim Durham had always contributed to The Hope Fund but had never really understood how it could help her family until her husband Keith had one of the unexpected accidents that can happen only on a farm. Keith was loading Clyde the bull onto a trailer when the bull kicked the gate and hit Keith […]

Lora Gregory – Family trip ends with a long-term illness

When Lora Gregory went to Washington, D.C., in June 2014 for vacation, she had a great time. When she got home, however, her plans to get back to work were derailed. “Just after we got back on the train, I had terrible pain in my leg and went to the ER,” Lora recalls. “I had […]

Michelle Price – A Path of Destruction is Turned to Hope

Social worker Michelle Price will never forget where she was on May 19, 2013. She and her family had retreated to their storm cellar as a tornado was in sight of their neighborhood. She remembers the feeling. “You can actually feel your ears popping, like in an airplane, only more intense.” The tornado lasted just […]

Sandy Meyer – A cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis, unfortunately, is nothing new to Sandy Carlson. She has a rare form, thymoma cancer, which causes tumors to form on the outside of her thymus, in the chest area. Her most recent diagnosis required the removal of several tumors on her heart, lung and stomach, and she turned to the Hope Fund […]

Christen Isabell – Assistance arrives just in time

Christen Isabell really enjoys watching her children play sports, but in April 2013 she experienced a parent’s worst nightmare from the sidelines. “My son, Brennan, was playing baseball for his high school and collided with another player,” recalls Christen, a Parallon Clerical Specialist for Physician Services in Mt. Pleasant, TN. “His cleat was stuck in […]