Hope Fund Week Winners

  Thank you to everyone participating in our social media excitement, we are enjoying every picture posted to Facebook and Twitter! Check back here each day to see if you are one of our lucky Hope Fund Week winners!     Friday (Sept. 18th) Winners: Apple Watch: Jon Thurman, Orange Park Shared Services $50 Visa Gift Card: Teri […]

Hearing good news – Danielle Austin’s story

When Danielle Austin’s son, Abbott, was born in 2010, she and her family were overjoyed. When they discovered that he had bilateral, profound deafness, they looked at all the options and chose cochlear implants for him so that he would have the best chance for normal hearing. (He remains the youngest child in Florida ever […]

In for the long haul – Jennifer Schade’s Story

When Joshua Schade took a job closer to home, it was good news to wife Jennifer and their five sons. He’d be on the road less, and even though the freight he was hauling was dangerous, he wasn’t too worried. “He hauled sulphuric acid, which is pretty nasty stuff, but he wore full protective gear […]

Hope Fund steps in to help when a sinus infection turns into brain surgery – Lindsey White’s Story

Kids get sick, so when Lindsey White’s son Jayland had a sinus infection, she took him to the doctor, got some antibiotics and thought everything was under control. But his headaches persisted, and so finally the family made a trip to the emergency room. A CAT scan threw them for a loop. “It showed that […]

Hope from the ashes – Troilyn McKenzie’s story

When everything you own literally goes up in flames, what do you do first? That’s a question most people never have to answer, but in the early morning hours of May 18, 2015, Troilyn McKenzie, her husband and their three children found themselves making that decision. “A piece of my husband’s computer equipment sparked from […]

One missed step – Kari Pierce’s Story

When someone starts off their story with “things were going really well,” you know a bone-jarring conclusion is coming. Literally, in Kari Pierce’s case. “I had gone dancing with friends and when I was walking to my car I was going down some stairs,” says Kari, a Unit Secretary at Timpanogos Regional Medical Center in […]