Grant Leader Spotlight: Courtney Hunter

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The Hope Fund has critical business partners throughout our company, who help fundraise, provide information to employees and assist employees through the application process.  Courtney Hunter, Senior HR Business Partner at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center provides amazing support to the employees of North Austin as the facility Grant Leader.  “The ability to connect […]

Grant Leader Spotlight: Keri Devillers

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To be a Human Resources professional you must want to make an impact on the company, enjoy variety and love helping others! With over 2,300 employees and one of HCA’s largest hospitals, it could feel difficult for Keri DeVillers to really know the employees of Medical City Dallas Hospital, but after 16 years with the […]

Grant Leader Spotlight – Elena Heard

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Each grant request that is received is reviewed by a Grant Leader within the local Human Resources team.  These Grant Leaders provide compassion, help and a gentle ear when an applicant is trying to navigate through the Hope Fund process.  Elena Heard, Vice President of Human Resources at Denton Regional Medical Center understands her significant […]

Grant Leader Spotlight – Gary Briggs

Our Grant Leader Spotlight for October is Gary Briggs, Vice President of Human Resources at TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center in Nashville.  Gary has been with HCA 12 years and has been an important part of the Hope Fund since our inception.  Gary is an advocate for the employees of Southern Hills, ensures his availability […]

Arnita Chatman – Campaign & Grant Leader Spotlight

Arnita Chatman is the Director of Human Resources at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas and a very dedicated partner with the HCA Hope Fund.   Arnita has been at Woman’s Hospital for 22 years and assisted nearly 200 applicants at the hospital receive assistance from the Hope Fund.  Arnita is also Campaign Leader, working with hospital […]

Grant Leader Spotlight – Robi West

Robi West is the HR Coordinator at Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford, Florida where she has worked for twenty-six years. Robi is enthusiastic in his role with the Hope Fund and says he enjoys being able to help fellow colleagues who experience a sudden hardship beyond their control – it is a great feeling to help […]