Grateful Recipients

amy wilson

With your support, the Hope Fund helps employee focus on son’s needs during lengthy recovery period

Ask any 13-year-old’s mother, and she will tell you that life is a whirlwind. That is certainly true…

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A Message of Thanks From Someone Helped by our donors

Each month as donors give to the Hope Fund their generosity is changing lives! Hope Fund recipient Chris…

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When Life Changes in the Blink of an Eye

Dec. 14, 2015, started as any other day in the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center’s emergency department….

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Day and night duty

Every parent worries that his or her child could become suddenly, seriously ill. That nightmare came true…

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Nurses are at the heart of HCA and make miracles happy every day!

Nurses are at the heart of HCA and make miracles happy every day! Nurses also know how…

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Almetra Finley

The Hope Fund helps get you back on your feet

Employees like  Almetra and thousands of other unsung heroes want the best for our patients!  The Hope…

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The Hope Fund – Caring for HCA Employees, so they can care for our Patients

The Hope Fund responds to HCA employees in need, so they can care for our patients. Our donors…

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Mother can focus on family thanks to Hope Fund support

When emergency-room nurse Melissa Hirn went into preterm labor during a shift, she knew what to do,…

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From a Grateful Recipient

Receiving help from the Hope Fund, allows colleagues to focus on their health and healing.   Thank you…

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Many thanks to you for your kindness

  To our donors and colleagues who give so much to the Hope Fund, recipients like Jessica…

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